Want more ideas? Try this!

I have been leading creative workshops for the last 14 years and when comes the part where we take our markers and post-its for the famous “Brainstorming” step of the workshop there is always at least on participant who says “I’m not creative, I have zero good ideas”. Sounds familiar?

Well, first of all, everyone is creative, we just got our creativity killed growing up. I recommend watching Sir Ken Robinson’s TED Talk: Do Schools Kill Creativity? if you’re not convinced it.

Now, getting stuck when brainstorming is absolutely normal and that’s why there are thousands of tools and techniques to help. Here is one of my favorites, easy to understand and easy to apply and has never failed me to give me at least 10 additional ideas. It’s called “Perspective”

How does it work? Simply ask yourself “What would [name of person] do if she/he had the same challenge?”

I usually ask myself what would my mum do (she’s always right ;-))? What would Oprah do? What would Steve Jobs do?

What it does is give you a different perspective on the challenge you’re solving, which will bring a variety of ideas and push your thinking.

Easy! Give it a try and let me know how it works for you!

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