Try this tool to assess your ideas!

How do you know which idea is the right one to solve your problem? What if you have a couple of options and you don’t know which one to chose?

The PPCO tool is a great one to assess several options and help you find the one that works the best for you or even scrap them all and find an alternative!

What does PPCO mean? Pluses, Potentials, Concerns, Overcoming concerns.

When to use it? Whenever you have to assess a solution or an idea.

How to use it? Split your page into 4 and for each section write Pluses, Potentials, Concerns and Overcome.

  1. PLUSES: List at least 3 pluses, likes, or specific strengths of your option.
  2. POTENTIALS: List at least 3 opportunities starting with “It might…” What opportunities might result if your solution is implemented?
  3. CONCERNS: List all concerns you have about your solution. “What concerns are there about this idea?” Answer by using the form of a question “How to…” or “How Might…” as this invites solutions to each of your concerns. For example, if you’re concerned the solution will be too expensive, write “How to make it affordable?” instead of “it’s too expensive”
  4. OVERCOME: Generate ways to overcome your concerns

Once you have this overview, you can refine and compare your solutions and either chose the one you want to move forward or maybe you’ll find an stronger and improved solution!

Origin of the tool: PPC was developed by Diane Foucar-Szochi, Bill Shepard, and Roger Firestein, although it dates back to Aristotle, who advocated looking at pluses and minuses of any ideas. It later was evolved by Hedria Lunken who added the “O” to PPC – to deliberately include brainstorming ideas to overcome each concern.

This tool can be found in my book “You Got This!” with others, to help you hit your goals!

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